About Laidlaw Manufacturing

Laidlaw Manufacturing was established in 1989.

Over the years we have designed, created and manufactured various items from zinc alloy for the fashion trade, promotional and corporate events as well as personal celebrations. To ensure exclusivity and quality all our work is done in-house, from conceptualization to final product. All our items are electroplated in various finishes to suit our customer requirements.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to assist you through the design, mastering, molding and manufacturing the particular item you’re needing.

As our business is very diverse we can cater for most needs by uniquely creating your product but if you see a specific item you like in one of our online galleries, please take note of the code and include it on the quote form. Keeping in mind that various items have copy right and may not be reproduced, we will try our best to accommodate you and create a unique design specifically for you.

Should you have any queries or require more information on our products, please feel free to call, fax or email us. You are also welcome to visit our show room of products but due to factory operations, an appointment is essential.

I, Jason Laidlaw, have always found designing and crafting with my hands far more enjoyable than working behind my desk but never in my wildest dreams thought my interests would eventually end up being my career in the metal casting world.

The company was first founded in a double garage and from there to a small factory in Ndabeni. Trading under Fast Cast and working for Rodney Goldberg, under the watchful eye of his dad, we grew the company and its capabilities. Rodney and his wife then decided to emigrate to Australia selling the company to Phillip Austin.

Phill and I hit it off from the start, him not knowing anything about the business but having a good understanding of the financial and finer intricate matters of running a business. We could teach each other and grow the business from many platforms.

We then moved to larger premises in the  Sunrise circle area and with an increase in size and orders, more staff were  required, along with our first production manager.

Due to the fact that many of the machines required in the business are manufactured in Italy and with exchange rates being a large factor in acquiring better machinery, we started designing and manufacturing our own machines, along with updating and improving on existing machinery.

When Phillip told me he was going into other ventures and was selling the company but would really like me to buy it outright, is when everything in my life changed. My dads were in the fortunate position to help me purchase the company and so started the true Laidlaw manufacturing.

I can still clearly remember the butterflies in my stomach every day worrying about the future of the company and loan repayments. We soon grew too large for those premises and even though we managed to hire extra space here and there, it was not an ideal situation. We then started the groot trek to our current position and have been very happy with the space and the improved work flow. Through the years we have seen staff come and go but some staff have stayed with us from the start.

Dad retired from corporate life at 70 and works part time fiddling on whatever he can and it’s great to have him on board. My wife, Joanne, was also tired of being a factory widow for many years and joined us in 2015.

Regardless of the pressures of business today it is still a great privilege to run Laidlaw Manufacturing and still have the opportunities to learn new things along with meeting all sorts of people from different walks of life.

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